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Welcome to Studies on National Movements (SNM). This international online journal is devoted to the comparative historiography of national and regional movements and the theory formation of nationalism.

Studies on National Movements is published by NISE, the platform for scholars as well as research and heritage institutes. The journal has an editorial board, consisting of renowned experts in nationalism studies. Copy editing is taken care of by the NISE Coordination Centre.

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Posted: 2016-10-24

SNM 3: heroes of national movements


A few weeks ago, the publication of the third volume of Studies on National Movements has started. This volume is dedicated to an important topic in nationalism studies: the role of the individual in national movements. More specifically, SNM 3 investigates the role of heroes and hero narratives in processes of national awakening, with case studies from several European regions, covering multiple periods.

Posted: 2016-10-06
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